PipeTech has been employed for the safety assessment of thousands of kilometres of pipelines across the globe spanning Canada, Kazakhstan, Brazil, USA and Europe.

PipeTech is a robust computational fluid dynamic simulator for modelling outflow, subsequent explosion over-pressure and thermal radiations in the event of an explosion, jet fire, fire ball or a pool fire. PipeTech’s background theory based on the numerical solution of the conservation equations for 1-D flow using the Method of Characteristics is published in top rated scientific journals (1-18). Awarded the Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Prize, PipeTech is licensed by major corporations such as British Petroleum, Shell, ExxonMobil and the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Capable of handling both onshore and offshore pipelines, PipeTech uniquely accounts for multiple in-line emergency isolation valves, multiple segment pipelines, terrain topography, single or multi-component hydrocarbon mixtures and supercritical pure components.

Among its more recent applications, PipeTech has been used to evaluate the suitability of exiting natural gas UK pipelines for transporting Carbon Dioxide, and for fracture-propagation assessment of ultra-high pressure subsea pipelines in Brazil.

PipeTech handles both isolated and un-isolated flows where pumping may continue despite pipeline failure. In the case of full bore rupture, outflow is simulated from both intact sections of the pipeline.

PipeTech has been designed in close consultation with stake holders with the user in mind. It is easy to use requiring minimum amount of training. The simulation results are automatically presented in the form of a series of Excel worksheets that include both tabulated data and labelled plots such as mass discharge rate vs time or the explosion overpressure, thermal radiation as a function of distance away from the release location and time.


 Outflow following full bore rupture or puncture at any location and angle along the pipeline

Real fluid behaviour

Isolated or unisolated flows & pipeline networks

Extensive simulation of fluid dynamics profile within pipeline following failure

Fireball modelling

fireball modelling

Jet Fire modelling

fire contour plots

Explosion modelling

Explosion modelling

Pool fire modelling

Pool fire modelling

Inline emergency shutdown valves